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So we all wake up today to find Josh Hutcherson has a gf…

Well I think we all hate her a bit but just because we don’t want her to break his heart :(

But they seem really happy so Mazel Tov to them!

I also love the fact that its up on tumblr before Perez!

I hate the fact that Catching Fire will be in IMAX, I feel that everything Gary Ross set out to do will be crushed. Gary was right to say that if we do make it into 3D or IMAX it in a way makes us like the Capitol as we’re making the games into this huge publicised event and it’s like were supporting it?!

Basically i just want Gary Ross back D:

EDITED - Literally just seen that THG was in IMAX as well , Gary Ross what have you done :( still love you … who even is the new director ?

Edited again ;) - totally appreciate with what some of you are saying, i have no opinion on the director yet so the trailer will give us some incite! At then end of the day they casted well and hopefully the actors can pull it of!

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Tonight is Jen’s night! good luck girl!
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